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Business analysis

What is the potential for your business?

What opportunities does digitalization offer, and is there potential for sustainable growth? Does the business have the right quality and sufficient flow in processes, or is there a lot to gain by reducing waste of resources and increasing efficiency? Is there room for improvement or even radical innovations? What is the employees' attitude towards change, and how can you get them on board for the journey to the future?

If you are planning to change or introduce new systems and lack an overview of the supplier market, can you build on existing IT systems or are upgrades and adjustments required before further development can be initiated? Many businesses have made mistakes because necessary vulnerability analyses have not been conducted.

The opportunities your business has require an overview of where you currently stand and where you want to go. Changes require insight into framework conditions and markets.

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Business development

We assist our clients in assessing market opportunities, conducting competitor analysis, and describing existing business processes as a basis for changes

We provide assistance in developing new business cases, business processes, business models, and plans, and we prepare decision support for potential changes

We focus on the interface between organization, processes, technology, and the business's framework conditions such as laws and regulations. Our goal is to ensure that the businesses we assist experience tangible benefits in practice

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Process management

As process leaders, our consultants contribute to creating a space for collaboration and dialogue, providing the participants with opportunities to develop new solutions, establish new understanding, and lay the foundation for decisions.

Our experienced process leaders work towards common goals that foster ownership and creativity for all involved.

Our consultants have experience with various methodologies or quickly adapt to the client's working style and methodology.

We have tools to facilitate digital processes and workshops.

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Our experienced consultants provide advisory services in various areas, including:

  • Digitalization
  • Process management
  • Business development

In addition, we have expertise in areas such as:

  • Change management
  • Lean
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Interim management

Our consultants can take on assignments as interim managers. With their extensive and diverse experience, they can quickly familiarize themselves with new organizations and contribute to a secure PUSH in the right direction.

They are Personal, Independent, Flexible, and Forward-thinking (PUFF), and they are not afraid to tackle challenging situations that require difficult conversations or constructive dialogue with stakeholders, management, and employees.

The consultants have many years of experience as leaders in various areas. Examples of roles include CTO, CMO, CEO, project owner, and change managers.

Our consultants have experience with various methodologies aimed at providing new direction for organizations and individuals.

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Project and program management

We have project and program managers with extensive experience from project establishment and procurement to final implementation in the organization. They have experience in various large and small projects, both in the public and private sectors, domestically and internationally.

Often, we serve as the client's project or program manager to ensure everything from strategy to assessment against benefit and business objectives, mandate definition and initiation, procurement, realization and delivery, to operation, maintenance, and user support. Our deliveries have included most technologies and solutions, as well as the majority of key suppliers in Norway.

Our consultants hold various types of certifications and have a master's degree in project management.

Our consultants have the necessary experience to create confidence and progress in projects and programs.

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Acquiring new system

Acquiring new systems is both time-consuming and costly and carries inherent risks. Our consultants have experience in the entire procurement process from start to finish. This includes everything from procurement and contract negotiations to implementation and ensuring effective supplier and contract governance for areas such as development, operations, maintenance, as well as consulting and service procurement. Through our work over the years, we have gained experience with various types of contracts, both nationally and internationally.
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